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About Dennis Flaherty

Internationally Acclaimed Vedic Astrologer

 Neither Dennis Flaherty, the CVA, nor its board members or professional practitioners, have any association or affiliation with the International Association of Vedic Astrology and Numerology (IAVAN), and the IAVAN is using CVA materials without the CVA’s consent.


Dennis Flaherty is among the most historically recognized astrologers in the movement of Vedic astrology into the West with over 3 decades of experience as a full time practicing astrologer. He was among the very first East/West astrologers in the late eighties, who were recognized and practiced in both Western and Vedic astrology. He co-sponsored the first international East/West astrology conference, Sacred Astrology: Rebuilding the Ancient Temple, in Seattle Washington in 1995 featuring a cast of internationally acclaimed Vedic and Western astrologers most notably led by Chakrapani Ullal, Dr. David Frawley, Robert Hand, and a faculty of over 27 speakers. He subsequently published The Eastern Moon Through Western Eyes, published in the 1997 Samuel Weiser anthology: Eastern Systems for Western Astrologers. He initiated and implemented the first East/West Track for the United Astrology Conference (UAC) in 2012 and has served twice as coordinator for the UAC Vedic Track in 2008 and 2012.

Dennis is one of the original foundational four westerners who have sponsored the great teachers of Vedic astrology to the West, having co-sponsored the International Symposiums on Vedic astrology with his colleagues and peers, Dennis Harness, Dr. David Frawley and James Kelleher in the 90's. These historic conferences introduced westerners to such famed Indian astrologers as the late Dr. BV Raman, the founding father of the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences, and the illustrious Chakrapani Ulla, the founding father of Vedic astrology in the West, and the founding Chairman of the Council of Vedic Astrology (CVA) in 1993.

Dennis is among a small select group of Vedic astrologers in the world who hold the highest awards and titles from the three leading international Vedic astrology organizations: He holds the titles Jyotish Brihaspati from the Council of Vedic Astrology (CVA) 2014, Jyotish Medha Prabha from the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences (ICAS) 2014 and Jyotish Navaratna from the American College of Vedic Astrology (ACVA) 2005.

In addition, he was conferred the titles Jyotish Kovid (ICAS) in 1994 and Jyotish Vachaspati (ICAS) in 1996 by the late Dr. B.V Raman, President of the ICAS, whom many consider the modern founding father of contemporary Vedic astrology. He was further awarded the title Jyotish Meda Pragya (ICAS) in 2010 by ICAS President AB Shukla. He holds the following titles from the CVA, Jyotish Visharada CVA and Jyotish Kovid CVA 2011.

He was one of the original seven co-founding board members of the American Council of Vedic Astrology (CVA) in 1993 and one of the original seven co-founding board members of the American College of Vedic Astrology (ACVA) in 2000. He has served four terms as President of the Washington State Astrological Association (WSAA) and four terms on the steering committee of the Association of Astrological Networking (AFAN).

He succeeded his colleague, Dr. David Frawley, as the 2nd President of the CVA when he was elected in 2004, and is currently serving his 3rd term as President of the CVA.

Dennis is a gifted writer, speaker and teacher. He co-authored the "Jyotish Currents" column for the Mountain Astrologer in the 90's with his colleague Ken Johnson and was a frequent contributor to TMA. In Martin Davis' 2008 brilliant history of astromapping From Here to There: An Astrologer’s Guide to Astromapping, Dennis is credited for his historical 1997 contribution by being the first to pioneer the use of astrolocality maps in the practice of Vedic astrology and coined the term "Jyotish Locality®" in his ground-breaking article of the same name: Jyotish Locality® first published in The Mountain Astrologer in August of 1997. He has been, and is the current managing editor of the CVA journal since 2006. He currently writes the Star Trends column and the Vedic astrology column for the Well Being Esoteric Almanac.

He was the very first to offer a Vedic astrology correspondence course in audio format with his ACVA and CVA approved audio correspondence course that has been available since the mid 90's. He is considered a "teacher of teachers" having graduated hundreds of students from his recognized diploma course these last 20 years. Many of his students have successfully passed the CVA and ACVA certification exams and are now practicing Vedic astrologers. Several of his former students, who have graduated from his mentoring program, are now distinguished Vedic astrologers in their own right and teach through the CVA and ACVA.

Dennis is the founder and director of the NW Institute of Vedic Sciences where he continues to teach Vedic astrology through his CVA recognized mentoring program. His many lectures and classes of the last three decades are available through the audio archives of most of the major international and national astrological conferences at which he has been a featured speaker from CVA, ACVA, UAC, FAA, NAMA, BAVA, NORWAC, as well as ASC, ASA, OAA, OPA, WSAA and the international Mind/Body/Spirit Fairs as well as the audio archives of the NW Institute of Vedic Sciences where he conducts his practice, classes and mentoring.

Dennis has taught Vedic astrology programs as past faculty at Kepler College, Kerala Ayurveda and Bastyr University in Seattle. He speaks annually through various Yoga and Ayurveda centers nationally. In recognition of his many years in education he was nominated for the Regulus Award in Education at the United Astrology Conference (UAC) in 2012, and also received the Saptarishi title in 2012 by Gayatri Devi Vasudev, and the Jyotish Mahasangara title from the Raman and Rajeshwarwi Foundation in 2013.

Dennis continues to consult and lecture on Vedic astrology throughout the world where he serves an international clientele. Like most astrologers his clients include celebrities and professionals, but most importantly he consults with people who are looking for life direction, path and purpose in order to lead a more meaningful life.

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