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“I am always left in awe of your talent as an astrologer after a reading.  But, I’m in even greater awe of your compassion. When you read my chart I feel seen, and valued as a person.  Thank you fore being a force of good in the world! And for helping me see the light in dark times.”

— Elle McSharry,
Spokane, WA

“Dennis combines practical everyday insights with an awareness of cosmic and global trends. As a result, his insights have been enormously helpful.”

— Donna Zajonc, former congresswoman and Certified Political Leadership Coach

“ I was listening to your Vedic Astrology Audio Course tapes again and I want to thank you very much because they are so wonderful. I really appreciate the humor and the sensitivity to the clients. I have so many tapes and books by other people, too, but your course is by far the most superior tool for the study of Jyotish.”

— Ann Ribanje, Benicia. CA

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“I've known Dennis for more than 15 years, and during that time his insights, wisdom and teaching have guided me through challenges and celebrations alike, both personal and professional.”

— Michael McCormack Esq. Maple Valley, WA

Thank you for publishing the powerful article on Dharma on your website. I have been searching for the source of my spiritual suffering — unable to understand where this sadness comes from and why I feel unable to continue my line of work as a matter of spiritual unrest. This article captures the great dilemma many of us feel in advancing the soul's purpose in a world which lacks karmic discussion and consideration. Thank you for crystallizing the concepts and relationship so well. I really admire your work. 

— Simona

I am in deep appreciation of your article Dharma, Vocation and Your Life's Purpose. I have never seen an article so insightful, encompassing all possible details and dimension, essential and relevant information to the times. It must have taken great effort and study to have come up with an article so succinct such as this. Thank you. 

— Ravishankar, India

“I have been very fortunate to enjoy a wonderful relationship with you and a number of others who are gifted teachers, leaders, and healers. Because of my connection with you, I have realized renewed energy and vision, both personally and professionally.”

— Steve Rowley, Ph.D., Superintendent of Schools

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“Thank you for an amazing class ... Your articulation of astrological information was elegant, precise, and imbued with a feeling of compassion for the human condition. On top of that, you brought a sense of humor and appreciation for those of us who are simply born different. You truly are a gifted teacher, and I am grateful to be your student..”

— Martha Coleman, Corvallis, OR

“I am so grateful for the thorough foundation in Vedic Astrology that you offer in the audio correspondence course! Dennis' extensive research into the lives and charts that were covered, coupled with his authoritative astrological knowledge and understanding, frequently made the course a fascinating history lesson as well as an astrological one. The charts in series 8 had me sitting on the edge of my astrological seat!

— Matthew Harkleroad, Seattle, WA

“I wanted to let you know that I just finished series eight of the Vedic Astrology Audio Correspondence Course and it was absolutely FANTASTIC and a GREAT conclusion to a brilliantly and thoughtfully presented Vedic Astrology Course.

— Alan Schoenfeld, Manalpan, NJ

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