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Astrological Consultations

What's in the stars for you?

Dennis Flaherty is available for consultations Wednesdays through Saturdays by appointment only.  All appointments are booked through our office so please call 425-778-6487 and leave your contact information for a call back if you receive our answer service. We are engaged in distance learning so please inquire about our educational curriculum if you are interested in learning Vedic astrology.

We accept Master Card and Visa for payment at the time of booking over the phone.  You may wish to record your session yourself, or take notes, as we only provide a recording of your consultation as a courtesy.  We store recordings for 7-10 days after which time they are automatically deleted.  Please read our appointment policies at the end of this web page for further clarification. 

Personal Birth Chart

This session provides a thorough assessment of the astrological chart utilizing time proven interpretations from both eastern and western astrology. Dennis was one of the original pioneers of using both the tropical and sidereal charts in his astrological interpretations.

The consultation focuses on the foundational principles of the client's life, from family matters and finance, to right vocation and the personal dharma that is revealed in the birth chart. Assessment of past, present and future star trends will be discussed. Dennis has a humanistic approach that focuses on revealing choices, not making predictions, that enrich the client's self-determination.

Yearly Forecast and Update


This session provides a thorough assessment of the astrological chart focused for the year ahead. Client directs this consultation to cover issues and concerns in the coming year, or timeline indicated by the clients. This is an excellent choice for returning clients.

Personal Birth Chart/Yearly Forecast Combination


This session provides a combination of both the personal birth chart and yearly forecast consultation. This reading will focus on relevant key elements and issues of the birth chart in reference to a forecast for the year ahead.

Dharma and Right Vocation


Each person has a path that is rightful in the fulfillment and realization of the self. This rightful path of personal purpose is called Swadharma in Sanskrit. To discover your Swadharma the Vedas of India say to consult a Vedic astrologer. This ancient advice is as timely now as it was then, particularly in light of these times of vocational stress and confusion due to the globalization of the workforce. This reading will focus on your vocational strengths and karmas as seen from your astrological chart. Let Vedic astrology help you light the way to vocational fulfillment, and discover the difference between work and right vocation.



This session provides an assessment of the strengths and challenges of the charts for love, business, or partnership. The charts are discussed openly in a positive humanistic style with an emphasis on choice, self-determination, and timing of concerns and issues.

Astro-Location: Jyotish Locality®


We can change some things by time and we can change some things by space. Astro-locality is the art of how our personal birth chart changes as we move from place to place. Depending on where you choose to live, Dennis will reframe your local astrological map to a national, or world map, highlighting the different planetary energies that will enhance your life according to your preferred intentions.

Dennis was the original pioneer of Jyotish Locality®, the eastern astrology art of relocation with his groundbreaking work: Jyotish Locality®: Ancient Vedic Astrology meets modern Astrocartograhy, published by the Mountain Astrologer in August of 1997. Click here to read his breakthrough article.

Appointment Policies and Disclaimer


Appointments are charged at the time of booking and are nonrefundable unless 48 hours notice is given by phone to reschedule or cancel the appointment. MC/VISA accepted. Money orders, bank or personal checks must be received prior to booking consultations.

The interpretations of these consultations are based on Vedic astrology, an ancient system that can give profound insights into life. An astrological reading can indicate possibilities, but never certainties. It should not be taken as absolute fact, nor should it ever replace common sense.

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